How to check your iPhone’s battery health

How-to How to check your iPhone's battery health
How to cehck iphone battery health

iOS has really been user-centric ever since the beginning. Apple’s IOS ecosystem is said to be the best ecosystem. iOS’s optimization is also at the peak beating every other Android phones having 8-12 GB of RAM. Since the launch of iOS 10, Apple has included the battery health management right into the iOS. Not to mention, the smaller capacity of battery size of iPhones compete very well with other Android phones.

Last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 3969 mAh of battery which competes and beats other Android phones running with 4500- 5000 mAh of battery. However, Apple tends to degrade the peak performance of its phone according to the battery health of the iPhone. So here is how you can check the battery health of your iPhone.

The battery health is degraded throughout the usage of the phone. Every full charge cycle degrades a bit of the battery health. Battery health is the overall capacity of the battery. For instance, an iPhone 11 Pro Max with a battery capacity of 3969 mAh has battery health of 100%. At the same time if the battery health is degraded to 95% then even if you charge your phone to 100% the battery will charge only up to 3700 mAh because of the degradation of battery capacity.

How To Check the Battery Health of iPhone

  • For iOS 11.3 and above only.
  • Go to settings
  • Navigate to Battery
  • Then go to Battery Health
  • There you can see maximum capacity and the peak performance capability.
iPhone battery health

iOS retains full performance capability only till the battery health is above 89% after which it asks for a change of battery. Since it loses out peak performance capability and the battery life cycle is degraded drastically. However, you can still turn on the peak performance capability of your iPhone even if the battery health is below 80% but that would just consume the battery even further.

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