Pablo Escobar sues Apple for $2.6 Billion for security flaws

News Pablo Escobar sues Apple for $2.6 Billion for security flaws
Pablo Escobar Fold 2

Roberto Escobar, who is one of the owners of the brand Pablo Escobar and also the brother of the infamous Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar has filed a lawsuit case for about $2.6 billion over Apple after he found the security flaws on his iPhone X. According to an article from TMZ, someone apparently hacked Roberto Escobar’s iPhone via FaceTime and with that, the hacker was able to track his address as well.

Reports said that the Colombian drug lord’s brother Roberto Escobar has been using Apple’s iPhone X since April 2018 and a year after, he has been receiving “Threatening Letters” from a person who has anonymously named himself as “Diego”.

After this, Roberto has to relocate himself, of course, due to his safety concerns, and reportedly he has to spend a lot more to tighten up the security.

With that, he also reported that with these threatening letters, he went through high emotional distress. Also, it was said that the reason why he bought an iPhone was that an “Apple Employee” assured him that there won’t be any compromises in terms of security.

What is Pablo Escobar Brand All About?

Well, many of you could have heard about the brand. But, for the people who don’t know Pablo Escobar is just known for the word “Scam” As per them, they provide folding phones and other phones for twice the lower price and “Not Ship it to anyone”.

If you don’t know, Pablo Escobar launched two of the folding phones, Escobar Fold 1 which is a Royal Flexpie on which you just get the branding of Escobar then Escobar Fold 2 which is none other than Samsung Galaxy Fold which was launched last year. Recently, they launched a new “Limited Edition 24K Gold Plated iPhone 11 Pro” for $499 which is none other than the refurbished version Apple iPhone 11 Pro.

They try to sell it by just doing all of the marketing strategies like sending phones to popular YouTubers and then when people order it, they just don’t get the phone shipped perhaps as the money can’t be refunded they lose the money they paid off for.

Marques Brownlee and Mrwhosetheboss have made an awesome in-depth video explaining what Pablo Escobar has been doing, make sure to checkout his video.

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